PVC Door and Window Features

PVC is a material that is widely used for doors and windows. The main reason why this material is so preferred is that it is more advantageous in terms of health and aesthetics.

Wooden and aluminum door and window models are also preferred by people. However, with the use of PCV for doors and windows, people's preference shifted towards pimapen material. Wood and aluminum produced extremely heavy doors and windows. However, pimapen has always allowed much lighter models to come to market. The lightening of windows and doors has provided a great convenience for people to use at home. Thanks to Pimapen window models, the models that everyone likes met with windows.

Pimapen products also provided convenience to people in the field of insulation. Especially in wooden windows, too much air from outside; It was seen as a common problem faced by people. However, thanks to pimapen, this problem has also disappeared. Because in pimapen windows, no outside air can enter inside. This also facilitated the heating or cooling of the interior. Thus, people save on heating.

Another reason why Pimapen products are so preferred is heat resistance. Using pimapen at home provides a great advantage when faced with a fire situation in any way. Against the rapid flammability of wood, pimapen emerges as more resistant to the final heat.

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