How to Care for PVC Window?

Nowadays, the maintenance of PVC windows, which people prefer most in their living and working areas, is among the subjects that people are most curious about.

It is seen that PVC window maintenance has become a subject of great interest recently. Now, since the majority of windows in both working and living areas are PVC, people want to have sufficient information about PVC window maintenance for longer life and savings. In this direction, our company carries out the periodic maintenance and cleaning of PVC windows professionally.

Depending on the intensity of daily use, PVC windows are exposed to various abrasions. While expansions in PVC windows reduce the service life of the windows with the effect of seasonal conditions, they can also cause harm to our people in terms of savings. If the necessary precautions are not taken, these expansions can adversely affect the PVC window joinery and the areas of influence of these joinery. Despite all these wear and tear, due to the nature of PCV windows, the problem can be eliminated with some adjustments and regular maintenance. In order for you to benefit from PVC windows in a long and high way, our company makes all kinds of maintenance, cleaning and adjustments in the highest quality.

How Should PVC Accessories Be Lubricated?

In PVC window maintenance processes, it is very important to professionally lubricate the PVC window systems with thin machine oil so that the moving parts of the PVC window systems can move smoothly and their functions can work smoothly for a long time. It should not be forgotten that the excess of this lubrication will create negative visual effects. For this reason, thanks to our professional lubrication company, the service life and functions of PVC windows will increase considerably.


How Should the Maintenance of PVC Window Gaskets Be Performed?

One of the most important points in PVC window maintenance is the cleaning of the black EPDM gaskets, the sealing element on the window, in order to make the window sashes easier to operate, in order to increase their brightness and softness. Since these gaskets are of great importance, removing the gaskets, thoroughly cleaning and drying them with Arabian soap should be done very carefully. In this sense, our company provides professional gasket removal, cleaning and seamless reassembly.

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